back side.

There’s a party out back! Somewhere on the back roads of Delaware…




Brandy, you’re a fine girl (Looking Glass). I remember the guy who controlled the rides )and the radio) put this song on when I was just ready to get on a spinning ride at a local country fair when I was about 14 or 15. That was a fun night. This photo was taken from just off of a parking lot in New Castle, Delaware.


… and they’re off.

Delaware Park is always host to horse races and has been for many years. It’s now mainly a casino, but I remember my Uncle, who used to be a jockey, would take me here as a young boy. He would show me how to read the paper, to figure out how the odds worked, to pick a horse based on recent racing history, how the track was running, as well as horse lineage. Sometimes he would take me to where the jockeys hung out. Sort of like a behind the scenes tour.

He is now and always has been an incredible Uncle. A generous, giving man with a wicked streak of orneriness. I love him today, but I still pick a horse if I just like the name. Cheers Uncle Harold!