little yellow man.

In a back alley of West Chester, PA, stands a little yellow man who watches over this fire escape with no plans to move.  


one lane bridge.

 I found this in the middle of a field at Valley Forge Park, PA. 

Bridges are interesting links, aren’t they? We build them. We go under them. We cross them. We tear them down, and then we build them again. Some of us know how to burn bridges as well. A bridge is a powerful device really. It can deliver you to a whole other place. Doesn’t matter how many lanes. Take that bridge. Go.



Some things are automatic. 

Flicking a turn signal to go right. Kissing a child as they skip off to meet the school bus. Blowing on your husband’s hot coffee before he takes that first life-giving sip. Assisting an elderly neighbor as she struggles to get her groceries to the second set of steps. Dropping off a few bags of clothes to the nearest church, or a box of cans to to local food bank. Hugging your Mom.

Be automatic.

I discovered this rusty piece of history in the back alley behind the local courthouse of West Chester, PA.