the cat.

Yep. Thats what we call her. The cat actually came from the shelter five years ago with the name Zazu (from the Disney-animated film “The Lion King.”) After a few glasses of wine one evening we began changing her name to Vanetta-Patina (long story).

The name “cat” stuck. She answers to it. It’s easy. And we still drink wine.

Zazu first shot


at the zoo.

I’m not a fan of zoos really. I used to hate seeing the old “cat house” at the Philadelphia Zoo where beautiful animals would pace back and forth in the old smelly hot stone-enclosed cages. I haven’t been back there in awhile, but I understand it’s somewhat more “humane” now. 

Theses guys were in a tiny cage at the very small Brandywine Zoo in Wilmington DE.  Their eyes seem to plead to me. Maybe not.  


lying lion.

Or is it lion laying? Anyway, I took this photo in Historic New Castle, Delaware. There were two of them flanking the entrance to one of the townhomes on the Main Street. What struck me about them was that they didn’t look scary at all. They almost looked frightened and timid, but still beautiful. Their faces really give them character. Don’t you agree?