Open the Door.


Sometimes the door is right in front of you and you’re too busy texting on your “smart” phone to notice. #stopmissinglife #observe #interact #smile


a game.

Sometimes I write articles and shoot photos for a local culinary online site with hyperlinks to restaurants, businesses, and food related features. I LOVE the folks who run this site. EVERY one of them has such energy.

Anyway… here’s my review of a recently discovered board game about food. Feel free to share. 😊



I apologize in advance for my over-fascination with clouds. And the sky. And looking up.

I don’t really believe in a “heaven” per say, but I DO tend to talk to those that have passed during sunsets while staring in awe at the always perfectly imperfect sky.

This particular evening the boiling white cotton was a harbinger of an approaching summer cool front. Taking oppressive humidity and absorbing it within, before floating on.

I felt that I could almost reach out, then run into this playground of soft fluff.