tiptoe through the tulips.

A silly song from a silly man. The photo is from Longwood Gardens.


ever heart.

Actually, it’s EverHART Park. And it’s in My hometown of West Chester, and considering it was about an hour before sundown on a cloudy day, I’m fairly satisfied with the outcome of this.


spring in hiding.

Out and about shooting photos on my day off (again, on a damp, cold, miserable weather morning) in the northern part of West Chester. I happened upon a few robins who wanted nothing to do with me. I had to rush shoot this guy before he too hid in the huge holly tree with the rest of them. Can Spring really be far behind?



As I was strolling the Conservatory of Longwood Gardens early this rainy, slushy morning, I almost got lost with all the reconstruction of exhibits preparing for Spring. It seemed that everywhere I went, there was yet another sign that barred me from a hidden path.
I finally stumbled into this hall and immediately thought of a special relative of mine and her love of these flowering bushes. The colors were striking and delicate. Even in the dead of Winter, they were there shouting to be seen. By anyone who lost their way. By me.
These photos are for her. Hoping that with each day that passes, she will find a little more strength, a little more hope, and a little more beauty. ❤️
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