Oh on this most ordinary of ordinary morns
As we watch the sun struggle to be free of mist and haze
Let our beings be light
As we’ve risen before
To embrace this day
Tighter than the last
And the last before that.
Make it ours
Really make it ours
To seek all that is love
And make peace with what resides in our hearts
As the non-promise continues to be
That the sun shall choose to greet us
In the morrow of the morn.


hyacinth 2 next day

Photo by me with my Nikon D750/Nikkor lens 28-300


peep soop.

Recipe: (prep time – 5 minutes)

2 3-oz. Yellow Peeps
(do not substitute other colored African American Peeps,
as clashing with rainbow sprinkles could occur.)
2 heaping tbsp. rainbow sprinkles
1 glamorous bowl
1 red placemat

Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees.
Place bowl on well lit placemat.
Pour rainbow sprinkles gently into glam bowl. Careful not to bruise sprinkles.
Place Peeps gently on top of sprinkles.
Allow flavors to fuse (approx. 15 seconds)

Rip heads from Peep bodies to eat.
Lift bowl to mouth.
Pour rainbow sprinkles down throat with child-like abandon.
Turn off oven.
Vegetarian. Gluten free.