the end is near.

Granite Run Mall in Glen Mills, PA is scheduled to be demolished in a few weeks. It will be replaced with apartments, some retail spaces, and a new movie theater. 

I remember when it opened in my junior year of high school (1974) it was the place to hang out. A Rustler Steakhouse and and Orange Julius were just a few of the food places where hungry teens could eat and drink cheaply while socializing.

Today my husband and I took advantage of some last minute sales at JC Penneys and then walked around in echoing desolate halls. It was somewhat apocalyptic.

The beautiful Boston fern is seen drying up and dying at the base of a set of stairs.

The last of JC Penneys, as dead vegetation sits wilting at the first floor entrance.

Guest Services sits empty in front of a backdrop of glass-closed storefronts.

The once penny filled fountain continues to flow as chipped paint and rust take over where small children used to sing while spinning wildly.

stale gumballs stand guard over empty halls of shut down stores.


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