the ties that bind.

I probably should have my ties more organized that this photo illustrates. Actually, I do organize them by color about once a quarter. Afterward, I usually realize that I buy too much purple. I guess I like purple. Who knew. It’s just one of those quirky personality traits that seem to pop up out of nowhere. Sort of like schizophrenia.

This whole camera/photography/hobby/passion/obsession/compulsion thing has me shooting anything or anyone that’s not tied down. I seem to gravitate toward subjects that show color. And are indoors. Most likely because when I have a few hours to shoot, it’s usually 8 degrees outside with a wind chill of minus skin and I can’t seem to hold the camera steady. It makes me look like a part time Parkinson’s patient. I’d apologize to Parkinson’s patients, but in reality, they probably don’t read many blogs. Especially this one about photography. On the oft-chance that I do offend, I’m sorry in advance. I think.

Back to these colorful (and stylish) ties on the back of the bedroom door. I wear them every day to work. They are the only thing I can use to “personalize” my wardrobe of bland business suits. I wanted to get a silver nose bar piercing to give myself some individualization, however, the company apparently frowns upon those types of dress-code statements and frankly, it would look ridiculous on a 58 year old.

This morning, I should be purging and making my “tie rack” easier to navigate, instead of writing and editing this blog post. Or maybe I should be grocery shopping, or walking the dog. Oh wait, we don’t have a dog. Here comes that schizophrenia again.

This shot was taken from the floor of the bedroom. While I was down there, I did manage to find a stray straight pin, and a dried bug of some kind that the cat must have played with. We do have a cat.
Always a challenge.



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