I think it’s just a little funny that this old thermostat I came across in one of the Longwood Gardens greenhouses is from a company called Burnham (burn him).

I have a personal thermostat which provides me with a heated temper, but for some reason the handle to control it has been broken off. It must have been broken the same day my mouth filter went missing.

I continue to believe that I will eventually locate a crayon marked cardboard box with all of my misplaced pieces in it. You know the ones: the crushed heart, the misguided youth, the broken spirit, the damaged soul, and the flawed personality traits. I still don’t know whatever happened to my lost virginity.

I’ll find them all eventually… well almost all of them. There are only so many places they can hide.

Do you have any broken or misplaced pieces that you’d like to find?




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